Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend BIC

"but you ain't finna murder me like everybody else/i'ma rap like i got some type respect for myself..."--Kanye West

Well folks, it's officially hit the fan. That sticky little situation with the Florida and Michigan delegations being in purgatory? Over. Provided you haven't been under a rock, then you well know how both states opted to act outside of party rules and hold primaries out of turn. Because of this choice, their delegates were in danger of not being seated at the Democrats' national convention in August. All candidates pledged to honor party rules and not campaign in either state, and several candidates, including the presumptive democratic nominee Barack Obama, removed their name from the ballot in Michigan. Hillary Clinton opted to both campaign in Florida and leave her name on the ballot in Michigan, and in order to save her campaign, has been lobbying for the party to recognize the votes she received in both states and seat her delegates.

Well, as Hillary wished, the Democratic National Committee has decided that both delegations will be fully seated--the stipulation being that each delegate will have only half a vote. Of course, this majorly disappoints Hillary supporters and Bill Clinton (although, in his typical two-faced fashion, he agreed this was the best solution in private in April), since this effectively slashes the wrists (vertically, not horizontally) of her presidential ambition. Provided she and Bill don't do something disgusting and immoral between now and August, the democratic nominee is Illinois senator Barack Obama.

And now for the BIC. The old White broad set is pissed. In the stinging words of Hillary supporter Harriet Christian of New York City, they now feel like "second-class citizens". I'm very sorry that she feels this way, and even sorrier that she feels so resentful of the "inadequate Black male" running (her words) that she felt the need to have the temper tantrum that could be heard 'round the world. Well, now I get to have a temper tantrum and say to all the old White broads out there who want to make this a racial, gender-based argument can kiss the center part of my asshole. I am so sick--and frankly disgusted with--the Gloria Steinems, Erica Jongs, and especially the Geraldine Ferraros (who is steadfastly dedicating herself to making racism fashionable once again) of the world making the argument that it's a woman's time and that Hillary is here to be the savior for women. I am a woman. And Hillary is not my savior. In fact, I'm thoroughly disenchanted with Senator Clinton at this point. And I don't want to hear anymore hateful old women sounding the gong for their candidate, their "voice", their "time". I was sympathetic at one point, but their venom has gone too far.

If it was to be their time, they should have presented a more prepared candidate with a more solid campaign. If Hillary is the best choice for commander-in-chief, then she would have run a campaign more commensurate with the plan she had for an administration. And I have a few choice words for anyone who disagrees with me. As for Harriet Christian...good luck voting for McCain, honey. If you think you're a second class citizen as a woman now, try putting a president in office who opposes pro-choice, opposes all family planning legislation (contraception, sex education, etc. ), denounced and opposed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and publicly called his wife a cunt. See how much girl power you glean off that.

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