Monday, June 2, 2008

Vagina Dialogues

"can you hear/she's callin me/between your legs/loud and clear..."--112

Dr. Belisa Vranich raises an interesting point, incited by her patient calling someone a "see you next Tuesday", a nice little mnemonic device for remembering John McCain's pet name for his wife. Which got me to thinking: I have no problem actually saying the word "cunt", although I hardly see a real-world use for it.

Apparently there's I don't really have a problem with any slang words for genitalia, but as I get older, I can admit I find it a little crass to hear someone blurt out "pussy" for no good reason when they're not talking about a cat. We, as women, can call it just about anything we want, even (gasp!) "vagina". Of course, just because we can call it anything doesn't mean we should. Men, on the other hand, should tread even more cautiously. In fact, men who can find a creative way to talk about it without actually calling "it" anything is a turn-on; I recently got a text message from a guy referencing nether regions that said (amongst other things) "I miss her sooo much", and I have to tell you it did the trick. In any case, adventures in sexting (sex texting) aside, we all have to call it something. And in the interest of not alienating the more conservative of the population in mixed company, we all have to call it something relatively appropriate. A friend of mine's grandmother calls it the "pocketbook"; my own grandmother chose the less cryptic [and more country] "coochie". I've called mine Lola for years, ironically (or weirdly??) the same name I plan to give my first daughter.

What do you call yours?

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