Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Throwback BIC: Stay

"it fits/but you can't make it work/where there's pain/there's got to be hurt..."--Chaka Khan

I know it's been forever since I featured a Throwback BIC that wasn't 90's/early 00's R&B, but it's time to really throw it back. Chaka Khan is a BIC from way back herself, outside of music. My father loves to tell the story of the Pittsburgh concert he attended in the late 70's, in which Chaka showed up three hours late high as a kite (probably off her many drugs of choice at that time), slumped onstage and slurred "wassup Philadelphia!!!" before launching into an extremely off-key rendention of a song no one knew, speaking nonsensically in between verses. Of course, the fans were livid, screaming choruses of "shut up and sing!" and "this is Pittsburgh bitch!".

People began filing out and demanding their money returned. Funny backstory: although my parents had broken up and weren't dating or speaking at the time (of course, because my father refused to be exclusive and my mama unapologetically chunked deuces), my mother was also at that concert, although she and her sister decided to leave early when Chaka didn't show. Good thing my parents didn't run into each other because Daddy was with another chick--who insisted they stay and wait for Chaka--and even though she wouldn't have had a right, my mother would have gotten very BIC anyhow. I might not be here today. Thanks, Chaka, for being a late drug addict. 'Preciate ya.

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