Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Somebody Get Some Water In Here

"gimme/gimme/gimme..."--Jill Scott

Donna Brazile is either not getting enough or getting too much. Either way, honey child definitely has getting her a lil "boo" on her mind. Forget the fact that the term "boo", for all the recent efforts to make it relevant again, should remain in the time capsule from the early part of this decade and be remembered fondly. Of course, Donna is mama age, so she's entitled to the mis- and over- use of old slang. And she's taking full advantage of the privilege. First, she playfully courted Stephen Colbert to come and put that thang on her in Kansas City a few weeks back, and then yesterday she busted out on Anderson Cooper about how he's not her "boo".

Of course, Anderson, oblivious to the meaning of "boo", expressed his desire to take on the role.

I know one thing: Donna would tear his behind up.

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