Monday, June 2, 2008

Hey We're Hoes Too!

"i suppose hudson was inserted into the movie--as parker's assistant--to answer the complaints over the years by black america, that there were no black women in this fashionable pay cable tv gang of hos..."--Debbie Schlussel

In her article "Hags and the City", Debbie Schlussel goes off on what she considers to be the hedonism of the Sex and the City movie/show. Of course, I agree with little of it seeing as how I'm one of the biggest SATC fans I know, but I did find it interesting that she introduces the aspect of the lack of black women in the show and JHud being slipped into the movie as some type of pacifier for Black women.

As much as I loved and still love the show, you do have to wonder why there weren't more Blacks featured. It's not like NYC is Salt Lake City. When you walk down the street in NY, you see everything. And as I've seen every single episode at least five times, I can tell you each and every time a Black person showed up, the most memorable ones being when Samantha was screwing the Puffy-esque character and his upscale soul food chef sister couldn't take him dating a White woman; the other being the block of time when Blair Underwood was inexplicably dating Miranda. Oh, and the limo driver taking Carrie home after her book signing extravaganza was Black. And there was once an old Black couple sitting on the Atlantic City Boardwalk watching the sunset and making Carrie feel lonely. I think that's it. The same goes for Hispanics and Asians, by the way. For part of one season, Samantha went les and had Sonia Braga as her Latina lover (sexy Latina lesbians, no cliche there!), and in one episode, she courted Lucy Liu (as herself)as a client. That's about it for them.

I was never enraged at the exclusion of Blacks on the show, but it is curious why nothing was ever done about the lack of diversity on the show even as Sarah Jessica Parker recently said that she realized that the show hadn't always reflected New York in its casting. I remember reading an article years ago on Halle and she mentioned how much she loved the show and wished she could guest star. Obviously, she was never called.

So, what do you think? Do you think Black women should have a huge problem with the fact that what is surely becoming the world's most popular female franchise hasn't reflected any women of color up until now? Your thoughts?

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