Monday, June 2, 2008

Farewell To A Legend

"in designer outfits/while sellin the tag/yves saint laurent boots/yves saint laurent bag..."--Lil Kim

Yves St. Laurent, pioneer of the woman's tuxedo/suit, died Sunday evening in his Paris home. When it was still considered appalling and butch for a woman to wear a suit, his revolutionary designs of figure-flattering pantsuit created an uproar--and changed the face of women's fashion forever. How sexy is a woman in a great tux now? The androgyny of men's fashion on women and the sensuality of it stems from his daring fashion creativity. I've seen and passed on (purse decision, not heart) many a cute YSL outfit/bag/shoe, although I did wear the perfume for a time a couple years back. But as the perpetually broke chapter of my life comes to a thankful end, I'm ecstatic to be the happy owner of plenty of YSL gear. And I'm not just saying that just to speak well of the dead. Next time you're on the shopping trail, pour a little champagne on Neiman's carpet for the homie.

Some of my favorite of his ready-to-wear after the jump.

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