Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Drumroll For The Point Of This

"we don't believe you/you need more people..."--Jay-Z

I would really like to have a sitdown lunch with the editor of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to examine the actual point of this article, as well as the photo attached.

I realize that a lot of people wonder many Black women regularly add hair to their heads, a lot of people realize that it's now also a big White and "other" girl practice as well. But not only is this poorly written, I wonder why it was necessary to put a picture of this Black woman up that features absolutely nothing mentioned in the caption beneath it. I'm assuming the reporter, Beth Fitzgerald, is not a woman of color (of course, since it's Minneapolis where everyone is bi- or multi-racial I'll probably never know for sure), but please, either tell a real story or don't tell one at all.

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