Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Daily OMG: The Obamas

"we movin on up/to the East Side/to a deluxe apartment/in the sky..."--Ja'net DuBois and Jeff Barry

June 4, 2008: The First Day of the Rest of Barack and Michelle Obama's Life

Michelle and Barack Obama remind me of me and my friend's parents growing up. Kimberly and I joke all the time that when we see Barack speak, we feel like teenage girls. He's so very "can you drop us off at the corner, Mr. Obama?..Mr. Obama, can we order pizza?" and Michelle is so "All right girls, it's getting too loud in here; calm down.." and "Do you girls want pancakes this morning?" I absolutely can't believe how I see myself and my life reflected in theirs. Even though I've loved many political candidates in the past, not least of all the Clintons, I never felt a candidate and his family the way I feel the Obamas. I love that they embody both the home and values I knew growing up and the home and values I hope and plan to instill in my own home and family when I have my own. The way they're raising their children, the way they relate to one another, their tremendous partnership, their passion and compassion and service are all things I admire.

Congratulations, Obama Family. Can't wait for November.

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