Monday, June 2, 2008

Daily OMG: Mars Indeed

"when a man gets a hard on, you know where the blood comes from, right? his head and his feet. so a: he's stupid, and b : he can't run."--Savon Garrison

In our constant search for why, why, why men are from m$%#@&!*&^~ Mars, little tidbits of information surface. Finally, someone has scientifically documented the differences in the female and male brains.

  • At any given time, there's 15-20% more blood flow in our brains than theirs. Can anyone argue the validity of that???
  • Men's "memory centre" is less active during emotional experiences. I'll say.
  • Women have more white matter (connected to neural activity) and men have more grey matter (connected to a single active brain centre).This means that we can cook, do work, talk on the phone, watch our favorite TV program and surf the Internet all at the same time, while men, on the other hand, find simultaneous walking and talking challenging.
  • Golden nugget of the article: if a man looks away while a woman is making eye contact and trying to talk to him, it doesn't mean that he doesn't take her seriously. Number one: men listen differently, with less eye contact and interaction, and two: they weren't lying! They actually do have to zone out for a minute every now and then and then return to the conversation. Men's brains actually shut down for a second or two intermittently, unlike women's brains, who never stop.

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