Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily DIC: John McCain

"go'ne head hoe/beat ya feet..."--Big Boi

In 2000, when I was in college, I so liked John McCain that I briefly flirted with the idea of campaigning for him. I was impressed with his breaks with party lines and often-liberal views that still maintained a relative fiscal conservatism, which I tend to advocate. Of course, I came to my senses and campaigned for Bill Bradley instead.

Anyhow, as Arianna Huffington has made clear, the John McCain of yesteryear is no more. Maybe it was the disgusting politics played against him by Rove & Bush in the 2000 election (if you recall, picture flyers were distributed of he and Cindy's adopted daughter from Bangladesh that claimed he had an illegitimate Black child) and he's bitter, or maybe it's because he's getting old enough to be Reagan's grandfather and feels this is his last chance at the glory. Whatever it is, the man is not the same. And he's totally unfit to be president, and that's not just partisanship talking, it's the Truth. People need to know about John McCain's so-called "straight talk". So, please watch the video after the jump...and keep it going.

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