Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daily DIC: Albatross Bill

"baby...he's just gonna drag you down..."--Mama Effie

I really don't want to dwell on this because it upsets me. But how did our beloved William Jefferson Clinton turn out to be such a cad?

We all knew that Bill had a little penis problem, the problem being that he couldn't keep it out of the draws of women to who he was not wed. But we overlooked this little problem because he was just so amazing. Such a charismatic leader, such an awesome man. But, upon reading this article about how Bill shanked Hillary's career, I had to concede (interesting choice of word, huh?) that not only that Bill is a major reason for Hillary's failure to seal the nomimation, but that he's actually done damage to his own brand and legacy in the process. His public whining, finger-wagging, Obama supporter-attacking and strings of curses have been appalling, and exacerbated the sometimes awful behavior of his wife. Things that Hillary might have scrapped under the radar with were zeroed in on because Bill couldn't control himself. And that fact leaves Hillary where she is today. Working from home in Chappaqua trying to drum up [life] support for her ambitions because her headquarters are no more and there are no more votes to be had. It's a wrap.

I'm obviously a huge Barack supporter, so I'm pleased with the outcome. But for the sake of BIC, for the sake of women, I just have to pose the question: how many women out there had the ability and intelligence and disgusting bulldog ferocity to go all the way like Hillary Clinton? Not too many in recent history. And yet, she's been forced to play second fiddle to a man who has effectively repaid her loyalty and support by turning around and ruining her chances at the 2008 presidency. It's not the first time. As this author points out, it was Geraldine Ferraro's husband, James Zaccaro, that ruined her shine as the first female vice-presidential candidate. And although the author doesn't mention it, many believe it was New York Republican politician Jeanine Pirro's husband Albert's philandering and shady business deals that did irreparable damage to her image, effectively dashing her senatorial-turned-attorney general hopes in 2006.

A huge BIC move is tying yourself to a man who's not good for you emotionally, physically, financially, and/or professionally. The irony here is that it's hugely possible that Hillary has become Hillary by being with Bill in the past, while it's nearly certain that without him in the present, she'd probably be president.

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