Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Throwback BIC: Trippin

"baby/there's one thing i'll mention/me and her/see she's no competition/so tell her/that you're through with her/and you love me/and that's totally..."--Total

Aha! I know if you see Total as the Throwback BIC, you expect me to throw "Can't You See" up, but can't you see that this is clearly the more BIC song of the two, and probably the most BIC song of their career.

It's harmless until we get to the second verse and find out that the dude we're "trippin" on is totally in a relationship. By the way, I've really been trying to diversify the videos as a reminder that BIC belongs to women of every ilk, but I can't get off the 90's R&B. It's just too good!!!

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LaToya said...

I like especially when they sing, "I won't quit it/Till I get it/Till I have it." You're completely on point; definitely a throwback BIC.