Saturday, May 10, 2008

Throwback BIC: A Rose Is Still A Rose

"she never knew what hit her/you steal her honey then forget her..."--Aretha Franklin

I know you remember this one. Who knew, in 1998, that Aretha could still rock out like this? We thought we were in for years of "It Hurts Like Hell"s when she dropped the beat on us thanks to resident super-BIC Lauryn Hill.

The record is fundamentally about being humped and dumped (and clearly our little preview into the consummate BIC anthem LP Miseducation; "it's been three weeks since you been lookin for your friend", indeed), something with which most of us have at least a little experience.

I have to say this has never happened to me quite as violently as in this video (gotta love Hollywood), as in dude just took it and flagrantly bounced with a peace sign, but I think most us are familiar with "tossin and flossin tryna fill the void heartbreak brings".

I was moved to put this up because even though I think it was geared towards women a little younger than most of us are, I think the message is still applicable and something we all still have to be reminded sometimes.

As for the BIC in the video, Elise Neal in those two pigtails is la primera cosa. Aretha sitting on that chair like the queen of the projects in that getup straight from Chico's is priceless. And where in the random, offbeat R&B chick hell did everyone else in the video come from? Are they even on the track at all? Is it supposed to drive home the point that just about every girl has been through the hell of getting played? Is this an organization or effort they were all trying to get behind? Or did Lauryn just call hella people on the morning of the video shoot to come down and support and these were the only four that showed up? I have a hard time believing the person who wrote this script actually penned "SCENE: Faith Evans, Changing Faces, and Amel Larrieux surround Aretha playing piano, clapping". I'm also fairly certain Amel has never called up Changing Faces to kick it.

In any case, great message, great song. Always good to see the Been-Around-the-Block set bestowing some knowledge on the young lasses out there.

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