Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Throwback BIC: One Woman

"i'm only one woman baby/treat me like a lady..."--Jade

Oh, Jade. They were never the flyest group back in the day, but they held their own. After my tirade on being treated like a lady yesterday, this song came to mind and lo and behold, it was online.

While the record doesn't jam half as hard as the "Just Kickin It"s and "Hat 2 Da Back"s of our youth, it has a great, timeless message (and the obligatory vocally questionable acrobatics employed by several 90's girl groups). Plus, who doesn't hear the hint of BIC creeping into the lyrics here? I definitely hear a tiny threat and a smidgen of a whine, combined with some emotionally-charged rhetoric. All the stuff we like. Enjoy!!

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