Monday, May 5, 2008

Throwback BIC: Just Kickin it

"every man wants a woman he can treat like his homie/take out on the ave and just chill..."--Xscape

I'll start by giving this song its props: there was no bigger hit, in my opinion, in 1993. Still in elementary school, I recall many a sleepover teaching ourselves the choreography from the video and arguing over who got to be Kandi. Going back to the BIC, which is where we always go, I'll venture to say that while we all see where the ladies were going with the whole "every man wants a woman who cooks, cleans, is always ready to get it on and is always ready to ride out" theme that was so popular in the "hat to the back" 90's, it's just totally unrealistic.

It was this type of thinking that got a whole lot of broads' feelings hurt back in the day (and to this day, to be honest). Yes, you should be your man's friend. We all know this. You should have the fun and trust and openness of a friendship. But what no one could fit into the lyrics of this song or any other one is that you have to establish the respect first before the homie status. Too many women decided to let dudes treat them like a "homie" and not a woman and ended up watching said dudes slide into a relationship with a woman who demanded to be treated like one. Just saying...

In any case, enjoy the video. I did so much I watched it twice.

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LaToya said...

Wow - talk about throwback! Got me singing along with all of these videos at work. I'm surprised I haven't seen SWV's "Weak" up here. That's definitely some BIC stuff there.