Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taking Our Turn At Bat

"i was cool with no commitment/let me take that back/it was you so i was wit it...."--Destiny's Child

Hey now! is no more. Well, actually it is--you can still use that url to get to my site. But what's most importantly is that you ain't gotta mess with blogspot no more.

Nope, now you can go directly to This is a proud day for BIC. She is no longer the side chick; she's official!

Thank you to all my subscribers for being subscribers and for all you other "readers"... make SURE that if you are visiting regularly, you subscribe (near the top of the righthand sidebar). It's like going to church and looking the other way when the offering plate comes your way. That ain't right.

Thanks for ridin with me, ladies, and please continue spread the love and the word!

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Abs said...

congrats babe!!