Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Not Easy Being the HBIC

"you still got it girl/don't you know that you still got it..."--Jamie Foxx

So, apparently Oprah's foray into politics via her endorsement of Barack alienated Republicans and Hillary supporters, her Eckhart Tolle pushing offended fundamentalist Christians, her South African girls school offended those who think she should use her billions boosting American education, and her sponsorship of Rachel Ray's bomb of a television program offended everyone.

Now her ratings and magazine circulation are slipping (even though her show has been--and remains--Nielsen's #1 program for the past 471 weeks). Oh, well. If ever things really fall apart (and I highly doubt they will), no one can say she didn't get while the getting was good. She can drown her tears in soymilk and chunky mushroom soup in Montecito.

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