Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can We Talk

"she wanna talk it out but/ain't nothin to talk about less/we talkin bout freakin out/then maybe we can work it out..."--Kanye West

We already know that men think we talk too much, or that we always want to talk, or we don't talk at the right times, or that we try to make them talk too much. I've explained how much I hate being a "girl" and consequently a "nag" in relationships, so much so that even though I've ended about four relationships in my life, I've done it face-to-face once. Me personally, I'm a fan of the disappearing act and the ultra-effective, childish body language and silent treatment as primary forms of communication (and now, but I'm aware there are mature ways to talk to men. I've actually been a lot better in the past year about employing some of them, but give me your opinions for the sake of discussion. What are some of your tried and true methods of having a very necessary conversation with a man? Any secrets? I've got one, but I'm not telling. Then again, if you know me at all, you're already with me.

Make it BIC!

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