Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Daily OMG: Divorce BIC

"the only cruel behavior i've ever done to that man is make him have skim milk in his cappucino. and i did sneak wheat grass once into his freshly-made vegetable juice. i loved and adored him!"--Tricia Walsh-Smith

Forget Emily and her trifling betrothed. Tricia Walsh-Smith is the new role model for divorce, BIC-style. Between Emily and Tricia, it appears that when it comes to ending a marriage, humiliation is the new black. Highlights listed after the jump.

Highlight #1--Video 1: 0:50--ruthlessly discussing the details of her pre-nup and her awards upon her husband's death WITH her husband, in the midst of a divorce.

Highlight #2--Video 1: 1:49--relying on tarot cards to decide her fate when she clearly needs prayer and segueing into the sordid details of their non-existent sex life.

Highlight #3--Video 1: 4:02--calling and telling his secretary to ask him about the condoms and porn she's found in spite of his heart condition that interfered with their sex life.

Highlight #4--Video 2: 0:41--declaration of love.

Highlight #5--Video 2: 1:50--"everyone's saying get a job. i have a job." ummm...okay.

Highlight #6--Video 2: 3:00--"shame on you!"

Highlight #7--Video 2: 3:34--the cards again.

I will add that I recently saw her on a nightly news program saying that people could think what they want about her, but she's "not going to be a bag lady for anyone". Well, all right then. Go get 'em, Trish.


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LaToya said...

Okay I clicked that "Emily" link and was immediately obsessed with her blog.

Unfortunately, the blog was a media ploy for Court TV (, but there HAD to be an experienced woman making up that stuff!

tyra said...

this bitch is nuts!!!! may courage and victory prevail...LMAO