Monday, April 21, 2008

Throwback BIC: Like A Virgin

"you made me feel/shiny and new..." --Madonna

Long before she became the yoga poster child with the chiseled arms and Beautiful Stranger pontifications, Madonna was a nasty girl. She did obscene things with wedding dresses and Black men, she made shocking videos and movies. And America loved it.

You know you used to love this cut. Although I distinctly remember getting slapped in the mouth for singing this in the house like it was okay, I retain fond memories of this song as well as the video. The interesting thing is that later in life, just as I came to believe that Like A Prayer was really all about oral sex ("down on my knees/i wanna take you there"), I was treated to the possibility that Like A Virgin was really just an extended metaphor for finding a man with a big, big, big...personality (;o)). I don't know if I identify with that, so I'll leave personal interpretation up to each individual, seeing as how I go so long between lovers that I always feel "like a virgin".

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