Sunday, April 20, 2008

Throwback BIC: Giving You the Benefit

"i could be a trip but i choose not to...don't gimme no reason not to trust you..." -Pebbles

This jam has such a special place in my heart; I spent a whole lot of time in the mirror in 1990 singing this song into cans of hairspray. Now that I'm older, I see how this record foreshadowed incredible levels of BIC behavior. Under the pretext of a 90's club jam hides the clear message of this monster radio hit: "I'm providing you with a small, fixed amount of time to try to make me feel better about being with you" (haven't we all been there?). Three important things here: a) he has to "work it on out", as in do something very different, b) he only has a minute, c) the entire burden of fixing the relationship falls on him as she apparently doesn't plan to do anything differently herself but try to control herself from wreaking havoc on his life.

Here's hoping whoever was getting "the benefit" was able to pull it together, but seeing as how her then-husband L.A. Reid ultimately proved to be the second stop for a woman now on husband number three, I'm guessing "the beneficiary" fell just short of glory.

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