Friday, April 18, 2008

Honey I'm Home!

"you gotta get that dirt off your shoulder..."


Yeah, you would think I'd come back after well over a week of being away and have some great women-centric things to say, but before I get to our ish, I have to show you just how freakin cool our next President really is. Not only is he brilliant, not only is he poignant...he shares my deep, abiding love for the Roc. Yes, that's right. Our next president loves Jay-Z.

Video after the jump.

Today, Barack spoke to a group about the ABC debate that many are calling largely unfair and unprofessional, not just to Barack but to Hillary as well. This was the first debate I didn't watch in it's entirety, so I can't speak with complete authority, but I did watch plenty of clips and read the transcripts of the questions...and basically, I know enough to know that it was far from peaches and cream for B.O. However, he's apparently taking it all in stride--at the behest of someone we all here in the 21st century know pretty well. Let's see John McCain try to jump on that one.

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