Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Daily DIC: The Case of the Missing BIC

"don't fool yourself/but tell no one else/that it's more than just an ordinary pain/in your heart..."--Stevie Wonder

The age-old question, that even my grown behind still hasn't quite fully grasped: why, when you still love someone, does it have to be over? Here's someone who apparently has more answers than me:

Putting aside my own selfishness since they were actually my favorite of the "celebrity couple" set and one that I had high hopes for, I really hate that Kanye and Alexis broke off their engagement. Since he dumped Alexis, this man has been bumming around town looking like the MTV, The Grammy Organization, and BET revoked all of his awards. Oh, well. I don't purport to know anything personal about those two, but I know they looked happy and now they don't. Maybe his calling off the engagement (and reportedly requesting his ring back) was premature? She definitely looked like she loved him to death, even his mother thought so. Unless she did something super foul, my advice would be to call the girl and get her back, but what do I know? I haven't had sex since last year.
Champagne on the hardwood for the happier times:


Tyra said...

As always, I'm stuck on why you haven't had sex since last year. Damn that!!!!

TheRoWill said...

I second the damn and raise it to Eff that.