Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Caution: Texting In Progress

“Wish I could cut myself until the emotional pain showed thru…but don’t worry I lack the courage & can’t deal with the humiliation.” -Tyra

I realize the above quote was just used, but it just so accurately encapsulates what exactly we're dealing with here when we begin to discuss real, live BIC. Put yourself in a man's shoes for one moment: you pick up your phone to read about what sounds like a clear threat of suicide from the girl you're tappin. Right. Look, my cousin is not alone. I've managed to wrangle the depths of my crazy texts in over time, but I'm still prone to thoughtlessly sending out texts that I later realize could be interpreted as scary and strange. Oddly enough, the relationships have usually crashed and burned by then. Wonder why.

Anyhow, jokes aside, I was just sitting here thinking about how we as women of the 21st century are addicted to texting. Just a few years ago, I remember friends of mine still being indignant about receiving text messages and emails from men in lieu of calls. It seemed insulting. Just a few years later, texting is the crazy woman's favorite thing to do. Almost all the crazy things I say are in text. There are two major reasons for this. First, texts are non-committal somehow and men who are used to dealing with crazy women (the same ones who will deal with me) usually let the texts slide ultimately. There's an unspoken rule between a man who loves and understands crazy women and the crazy object of his affection that if she says anything too crazy they don't have to talk about it unless her crazy ass brings it up again, which is likely.
Crazy women get a pass, but not for wanting one--because although we care, we don't really care. Because if we really cared, we wouldn't say and do the crazy things we do. The second reason texts are popular among the BIC set is that when men are dealing with a truly crazy woman, there comes a point when answering the phone is no longer an option, particularly if he's not alone because God only knows what she'll say when he pushes "talk". And so crazy women typically start with calls like everyone else, slowly begin to text furiously after calls are not immediately answered, and like Pavlovian mutts soon stop calling altogether and solely text. They send a message as huge as "i think i love you" and as small as "i'm waiting downstairs". To texting: the BIC refuge. _______________________________________________________ I'm going to use this to introduce a new segment called "Had To Do It" which I hope to incorporate a few times a week beginning later this week. Yesterday we had Tyra's story, so what's yours? I'll be hitting you guys up for your wildest BIC moments, so get them ready!


court said...

Had To Do It.....

1) I'm just returning back to Pittsburgh after being suspeneded from school for a year no thanks to BIC. The incident happened back in April of 06 and I was sent home to Bmore for all of 07...I wrote about the incident in my livejournal back in the day and here is the post:

OMG!!!!! I swear I can't get away from drama to save my life. As I mentioned before, Feet was suppose to come visit me. He came up last Tuesday. The terms of him staying with me was that we were strictly friends. Of course while he was here, he still tried to get with me. Anyways he chilled with his ex from time to time which was cool with me because I'm not into the nigga. But he wouldn't let us meet each other and he kept saying that she didn't want to meet me because she didn't like my ass. Well Saturday I went to this little chill spot that everyone was at....he texted me to see if I was there and told me he was coming through with his ex....I didn't text him back b/c it was too noisey and I couldn't hear my phone. So they come in and he asked me why didn't I answer his text (later I discovered that if I had of answered and he knew I was going to be there he wouldn't have come b/c of the ex). But before I saw him, I ran into her. And we clicked right away and she was cool as shit. And me and her are almost carbon copies of each other....personality wise. Except she's more girly. Anyways, we decided to surprise Feet by giving each other a lap dance in front of him. Then his ex goes off to dance. I chilled with Feet and he told me that his ex just told him that she wanted to have a threesome with me, her, and Feet. I said okay...and Feet acted a little surprised because he didn't think that I would. We all went out to eat afterward and everything was gravy.....

At least for that night. The next day, Feet kept joking about the whole threesome thing. I joked around and told him that he probably couldn't handle it. I told him, he was too scared to have a threesome. He told me that he would have to prove me wrong. I didn't think that he was really going to follow thru with anything but the next morning his ex texted me and asked me out to dinner. When I told Feet about it again he was surprised given the fact that he didn't think that she would respond the way she did.

So me and her had dinner. But when I first met her, she just happened to be talking to Feet on the phone (he had to fly to NY for a day for a job interview). Apparently, he was telling her that he changed his mind about the threesome... I think he changed his mind because he wanted her to call me up to cancel dinner because he didn't want us to meet. But by that time, I was standing right in front of her. I thought that the whole dinner thing would have been awkward but it wasn't because she turned out to be one of the coolest bitches I know. But we also started exchanging information regarding our relationships with Feet. And to no surprise, he's just another nigga. Unfortunately, she was more hurt about the situation because 1) she loves him and 2) she knew less information about my dealings with Feet than I knew about him and hers. And after I found out that he hit her for the first time last Friday I decided to help her get back at him.....

Feet came in from NY last night...and he was suppose to stay at my place. He told her that he wasn't coming in until tonight. He told me to not let her know that he was coming earlier. Me and his ex decided to "surprise" him with a threesome. We got all sexied up (of course I made sure I wasn't showing)...and she hid in the kitchen. When he got there I started dancing for him and then told him I had a surprise....and out came his ex all sexied up. So me and her started dancing with each other. Then we began with him. We blind folded him and told him that we were going to continue the party elsewhere with more bitches. He was excited. We went down to the basement of the apartment building and handcuffed him to a door. Then we stripped him naked from the waist down. And then.....we left him there.

Me and her went back upstairs laughing our asses off. Then we decided to go back downstairs and confront him face to face about his habit of lying. When we got down there, he had gotten out of his handcuffs and walking around confused and butt ass naked. lol. Anyways, his ex lost her head and started screaming in his face and he banged her. So I had to step in and try to stop the shit. Then I told him to take his naked ass and leave. So he went to the laundry room to steal someones sheet to wrap his self in. He ended up looking like a black man in a toga. But before he left, he told us that he was calling the police because he wanted to get his shit. And his ex had ended up blacking out a little so I helped her out. We didn't want to deal with the cops, so we just chilled at another friends room. But then we switched locations. Feet knew about the friend's place that we were staying at so of course the 5-0 found us. But they just wanted to call EMS to make sure she was okay. So the two of us went to the hospital and it turns out that she might have a fractured cheek bone....or something.

Of course, the school got involved. And we started getting questioned by administration. Feet has a history with the school as not being a safe the school wanted to put us in temporary safe housing since he knew where the both of us lived and they felt that he posed too much of a threat on our safety. The ex had to stay over night in the hospital...but I think that she's going into safe housing afterwards. I decide to go home because I dared that nigga to come try and mess with me. I wanted an excuse to stab his ass. So I went home and got in my bed and slept with my blade next to me.

Now I've waken up all sore and shit. I guess I must have gotten hit in the cross fire or something. But when things happen so fast, you really don't even realize what's going on or what the hell happened. But I must have gotten hit because my neck and the side of my face hurts like hell.

Anyways, I'm assuming that Feet left back for California. But who knows....I'm going to continue to sleep with my blade and I'll just double bolt my door and put the chain on. Because I'm not going to a "safe house"....I'm not running from any triflin' ass nigga.

I tell is too surreal

2) Ask Tyra about the incident with the ex and the gasoline....

SweetHoney326 said...

LOL!! Even though I have heard this story before, reading it...just made it THAT much more CRAZY!!!! ONLY CNT Giirrllllll! ROTFLMAO!!


SweetHoney326 said...

Ok so I guess I should share one of my HAD TO DO IT's...LMAO!!! First and foremost (disclaimer, lol)this incident took place a few years ago (2004) and I would like to think that I have grown SOOO much since then. Or the fact that this incident took place between me and my sons father (we'll call him W)which made it very necessary! While now days I TRY not to let these negroes take me there. but BIC is a hard thing to hide/mask so I'm sure she will surface again...

Anywho, W and I were still sleeping around while he was with his new Boo. And she definitely knew about it. So one night he shows up at my house with 2 chicken boxes (4 wings & fries for those who are not from Bmore, lmao) and some Libations! No sooner than we sat down to eat simultaneously his phone and my doorbell begins to ring...Uh oh is right. I'm READY, bring the drama...see the night before I stood outside of his driveway telling him I couldn't do this any longer either we cut all ties or walk in the house and let Her know she's got to go. He and I split abruptly in 2002 but the feelings/chemistry never faded and we ALL knew this. And I was a fed up BIC, so no surprise that the next night when she showed up in my driveway I couldn't have been happier! Well since she also knows that I'm a BIC, she didn't come at me incorrectly she made it clear her beef was with him, however, he flipped the script as they do when placed in the FIRE claiming that he just stopped by to drop something off to his son and I LOST it. I began fist fighting him right there in the doorway, (bootyshort pjs and all). He runs in an attempt not to fight me back, I chase him and we're tussling up and down my street. Neighbors begin to come out from all the commotion and watch the show. She and I had a few words and I explained the incident the night before and gave him his opportunity to speak up! He remained speechless...his Boo and I begian to get into it and she jumped in her car to pull off, he attempted to follow her. But before he could pull off, I pulled out my kitchen steak knife that I had placed strategically behind a bush in my yard for times like these I suppose. (really for protection I lived alone) I begin to scream and yell I'm going to do to you with this knife what you have done to my HEART however, before I could reach him (thank GOD) he hopped in the car. I began slashing and stabbing his Lexus drawing a heart and striking thru it, he was furious for i knew how much he loved his car. As he pulls off with me on the top of the hood stabbing at the windshield screaming like a mad woman. He backed up quickly so that i could fall off of the car, jumped out and told me he was calling the police before he had to kill me. Which at the time, neither sounded like a bad idea. Atleast not compared to how i was feeling emotionally at that exact moment! He called 911 and drove off! I threw the knife in the middle of the street and went inside of my home. Pacing the floor waiting for the police! Hoping he'd come back for more as well! Well by the grace of GOD one of my neighbors went outside and picked up the knife. What I didn't realize at that time was that I had lost it wayyyyyy pass my imagination and what I had done was called "Attempted Murder" in the eyes of the Law! The police came only to find the evilest BIC standing before them Daring them to do their job but they couldn't find W nor the knife but assured me they were NOT going to let it go. Eventually they found him and were on their way back at 3AM to lock your girl up. W called me to tell me this because of course deep in his heart and mind he knew he was wrong for the games he'd been playing. Ultimately I wanted to be FREE of all emotional attachments with him and I voiced this over and over but he assured me he was never letting go! In the end, the state attorney wanted to prosecute me with or without W's participation and as the days went by and my head began to clear, I felt worst and worst about what I had done. However, I knew if W came near me again, I would still have BIC tendencies and ideas brewing daily in my mind on how to hurt him. point blank! Me turning his Lexus in to a Camry was only the beginning in my head!!! LMAO!

I feel I am very lucky to have made it out of that situation w/o hurting him, myself or my son...because that is/was the bigger picture. I'm an educated, professional, working Mother, how did I get here!!?? A few months later, the judge (Law) did eventually END our emotional rollercoaster, for W had sown bad seeds, not only with me but others in the community (lol) that caused him to reap the ultimate pay back... Jail TIME! So i realized that GOD had me, everything I went thru, the mind F**kery, lies, games and TIME waisted blocking my blessings...W got it back worst. Its been 3 years since he's been gone but it took that incident and our seperation to show me that its just not worth it! especially when you know BIC is in your blood. So I've learned to take control of my emotions and P.U.S.H because in the end, Us women can never really hurt them the way the hurt us!!! But the come around is certain! LMAO!

Be blessed!

love yall,

Court said...

LMFAO!!!....I remember when this happened but when you told me the story with W you left out some of the details. OMG! This story makes me feel so much better about my BIC...I'm certainly not alone. LMFAO!

Ash said...

Jawai!! I am shocked!! I did NOT know any of this...esp that you were facing the clanker behind BD. I knew all of us had to be just as crazy as our grandmas! Lord knows our bloodline is stock full of BIC :o). Cuz, I was ROLLING reading this...and i find it hilarious that all the craziest stuff on this site is from you, me, Court and Ty...lolol! luvya--A