Monday, October 1, 2007

Here Comes The Cold Water...

Okay, let's just get it out in the open in the very first post. Newsflash: everybody isn't BIC. Every woman is crazy, in some respect, but do not miss this: crazy broad does not automatically equal "BIC". BIC is sexy; BIC is intriguing. BIC can sometimes be scary, this is undeniable, factual. But some women are just plain crazy, as in certifiable. The same is true for men, so no harm, no foul. Just want to be sure we're clear. Every woman doesn't get to swan around town feeling fly for their insanity.

The prototypical BIC woman is a bewitching and savvy, smart and sexy, generally classy (plenty of BIC actions are just not very classy, I'll keep it real there) and creative, unique, loving, focused individual with a dazzling capacity for pleasure and a seductive depth of passion. What makes this woman BIC is her episodic departure from who she fundamentally is into the world of undiluted derangement.

Granted, she walks a fine line from day to day. BIC behavior such as unexpected public outbursts, inexplicably intense indecision and sudden tears over seemingly nothing are to be expected from this woman. Flashes of anger, ruthlessness, and paranoia are fair game as well. But it must be said that the most fascinating evidence of mania in this woman is strutted out and shown around in her dealings with men.

BIC women are good at control. It's like a game to them. Their composure is a key ingredient to their BIC behavior, because without a level of normalcy to compare the insanity to, there would be no BIC. And so BIC women are skilled at being in control at work, at home, and at play. They're even sometimes the type of woman who is typically in control in love, simply because they tend not to sweat easily. However. When a BIC woman is forced to lose control in a relationship--either because she got the script flipped on her, she wasn't paying attention and fell in love, she gets cheated on or lied to, she gets dumped, her love is insatiably unrequited, she became desperate in a new relationship because of an old one or a myriad of other reasons--she tends to lose her mind. Literally.

Now, this plays out in many different ways. These include but are not limited to:
excessive phone-calling
excessive texting
drive-by stalking
unreasonably long periods of silent treatment
very creative forms of humiliation (see:
getting in touch with his ex-girlfriends
contacting his mother
calling his friends
showing up randomly where he might be
e-stalking (incessant researching on the internet)
asking him to tell her he loves her. 17 times. on 17 different voicemails. then knocking on his door. and then leaving a note on his car. and then sending a text that says "i love you." then one that says "i luv u." and then one that says "very much." and then one that says "r u still up?"
Are you scared yet? You should be. We're everywhere.

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